Dr. Stefano Bonazzi

Dermatology & General practitioner


Hello! Welcome to the institutional website of Dr Stefano Bonazzi . You can find me at the address given in the Standort section and then confer with me.

Female Doctor Examining Pigmented Skin With Dermatoscope

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Doctor Stefano Bonazzi is a dermatologist with proven experience in the quality of classical clinical and modern therapy of all skin and venereological pathologies. With his staff, you can accommodate clients in the new practice in Gossau -SG, where a welcoming and peaceful environment helps to put the patient in the best frame of mind for the visit.


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Dr Stefano Bonazzi's practice also provides primary care and general practitioner activities. The practice is equipped with all the instruments useful for carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic activities and also has a self-dispensing facility for medicines.


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Classic clinical dermatology involves the use of basic diagnostic tools (lenses, Wood's light, etc.) currently more complex due to new scientific discoveries such as new measurement tools (size and characteristics of moles / melanomas, etc.) and worldwide studies of systemic manifestations with dermatological significance (psoriasis, skin allergies, etc.). A modern dermatology clinic must offer these tools to further improve the diagnostic skills of the professional.

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